"Going commercial with this concept made me feel like the biggest sell out, especially coming from a fine arts background. I figured, If I am going to do this I've got to give people my all. I need to give them a show!"                             

- Poveda


Canvas & Grapes opened its doors in 2014. We knew this was a popular concept but we also wanted it to be different. Our first space was sublet inside of a dance studio in a small strip mall in Edison, NJ. It was in this space that we developed our concept with an emphasis put on the art and entertainment experience.  

As a new studio we soon realized we were the ONLY paint and sip studio owned and operated by a Fine Artist in the state of New Jersey. We started small hosting classes only on the weekends, when the space was not being used for its dance classes. Every night we would assemble 42 (French) easels and then disassembled them promptly after each class. Before long we had the opportunity to open up our very own studio space in Edison, NJ and we quickly began to grow!


To date we are partnered with over 150 Artist, 18 studios, and 8 major art suppliers from all over the Country as well as Internationally. Despite many offers to expand, the decision not to franchise was a simple one. Canvas & Grapes is a gem and it cannot be replicated. It is simply to elaborate of a design and concept with its shows, choreography, entertainment and more. We knew that efforts to franchise would lose cost us these unique qualities and that no one would be able to duplicate our concept.


Luis Poveda, the owner of the studio, designed the studio as an installation of sorts, a place to share the world of art, music, and entertainment as he knows it. In visiting the studio you are sure to encounter him as he himself participates in every aspect of the studio including teaching, hosting and sometimes even puts on live performances for guests.


Hundreds of visitors attend our events on a weekly basis and we have attracted the likes of many outside visitors from the Tri-state area and beyond. To come to the studio is to become part of the Canvas & Grapes Family, and the connection between Poveda and his experience roars loud and clear! 

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