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January 14th, 2023


Canvas & Grapes pioneered the FIRST ever karaoke, paint and sip concept in the country. We have been recognized by the media, industry leaders and news outlets alike. Our entertainment, concerts, music shows and entertainment are incomparable. We are also one of the few minority owned and operated paint and sip studios in the tri-state founded by an actual artist. This means we hire diverse talent, we live, eat and breathe culture and we are all about that life!


In the last couple years you may have noticed other paint and sips trying to mimic our style or adding karaoke to their events and we are truly honored. However, after 8 years in the game we have firmly established who we are. Many of these new establishment have come to our venue and tried to replicate what they saw. Truth is… it’s not that simple. It’s easy to add some neon lights to your establishment, film some people having fun and make a tik-tok or instagram video look great or go viral. However, to truly offer value and quality in the type of production we put on you have to invest a lot of effort, work, attention to detail, weeks of pre-planning and most importantly love. In other words, you get what you pay for. If you’ve been to our studio before you know exactly what we are talking about which is why our guest keep coming back even after visiting some of these other establishment.


As we begin our journey into 2023 we will continue to evolve, continue to set new trends and elevate our production. In a world of cheaper paint and sips we no longer have to worry about our value because we are worth it and very fairly priced for what we offer. So for those who have been to another paint and sip in the past, those shopping around for a place to host their event or to attend with some family/friends or even alone, we humbly ask you not to compare us to others and remind you that we are Canvas & Grapes, the most famous paint and sip experience in the tri-state..... for a reason.



Creative Director 

Luis P.

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