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Private Events

If you have a large group and would like the full experience in a more private setting, a private event may be right for you. ​Please read the requirements below. If you do not meet the minimum guest requirements for a private event, you may still join one of our public events. There is no difference between private and public events and you will still be seated with your group. Click here to browse public events.




Please read ALL the information on this page. Fill out the request form ONLY if you meet the requirements and once you are ready to book. We will confirm that 

your date is available and send you a link for the deposit along with the contract and catalog of 



Deposits must be made within 24hours from the time we send you the link.


A $225 deposit is required to lock in your date. 

Deposits are applied towards your balance. 


The final balance is due in full three days prior to the event. You are responsible for collecting your guests payment.


Minimums, pricing, time slots and event options. 



Time(s) available: anytime between 10AM-7PM

Must have 10 guests minimum (call for max).

Event options:

- 2hr painting - $39 per person

- 2.5hr painting - $42 per person

- 3hr painting - $45 per person

- 3hr karaoke & paint - $45 per person

- 3hr paint & sip (no karaoke) - $45 per person 


Time(s) available: 7PM

Must have 25 guests minimum (call for max).

Event options:

- 3hr karaoke & paint - $45 per person 

- 3hr paint & sip (no karaoke) - $45 per person 



Time(s) available: 2PM and 7PM

Must have 25 guests minimum (call for max).

Event options:

- 3hr karaoke & paint - $45 per person 

- 3hr paint & sip (no karaoke) - $45 per person 


Time(s) available: 1PM (no karaoke).

Must have 10 guests minimum (call for max).

Event option:

- 2hr painting - $39 per person




5PM (with karaoke).

Must have 25 guests minimum (call for max).

Event options:

- 3hr karaoke & paint - $45 per person 

- 3hr paint & sip (no karaoke) - $45 per person 


Additional Costs:

$75 per half hour of added time (based on availability).

All events include your choice of 1 painting option, the paint, canvas, brushes, easels, smocks, live artist instruction, light show, customized music entertainment and hosting.


Our catalog of paintings will be attached to the bottom of your deposit link email.

Food & Drink:

Only light snacks and finger foods are allowed (finger sandwiches, desserts, cupcakes, chips & dip, etc). All food must be individually packed for each guest. No sharable food trays, platters, or heating trays are 

allowed in the venue. Please keep it light and simple so that guest can enjoy the event. Our events are packed with entertainment and are not intended to be a lunch or dinner.


Drinks are permitted and cups are provided. 


Reservations made 2+ months in advanced must be canceled within 30 days of making your reservation for a refund on the deposit. Otherwise, a one month notice prior to the date of the event is required to cancel and receive a refund for the deposit. A three week notice is require to reschedule your reservation and reuse your deposit prior to the date of your event. After that you would forfeit your deposit.

In the event of a major weather or health related state of emergency or mandated closure you will receive a store credit for your deposit and any tickets paid unless you are still within the cancellation period for a refund as mentioned above (includes COVID-19 related closures).

*** COVID-19 Notice: For the safety of our guests and staff 

we have installed new ventilation/filtration system to help maintain proper air flow indoors. We also sanitize all spaces and materials after each event using a medical grade electrostatic sprayer.  Our canvases have also been approved to serve as dividers and sneeze guards between guests. Guests are asked to wear face coverings while walking about the studio however, they may remove them ONLY while seated. Health screenings will be performed at the door and sanitation stations are available throughout the venue.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact link on our home page.


Fill out this form ONLY if you are prepared to make your deposit and have confirmed you have the guaranteed minimum number of guests required.

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